Happily Funding ALL to Pursue Knowing God instead of Miserably Serving Money

This IS The Little Scroll w/Study Notes (Rev 14; 10; 5) that unquestionably reveals the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was prophesied in the creation account, and that He accomplished more on the cross than any ancient tradition gave Him credit for. This leads us to understand why Jesus, in Gethsemane, didn't think His Father was getting a good deal purchasing mankind, causing Him to ask for any possible way to avoid the cross, and opens mankind to humbly seek and ultimately find solid answers to the big questions we have longed to understand:

Why does sin and suffering exist?
Does the Devil exist, and, if so, is there any hope for Satan?
Is there a Hell, and does it last forever?
Is God male, or female, or both?
Is the universe Old or young?

Spoiler Alert: God loves “His” ancient enemy (a rivalry older than, existing prior to, and even the cause of the “big bang”), and rescues Lucifer at the end, and for that pleasure, and the delight of His faithful Angels – God displaying the extent of His loving goodness to His enemies – mankind was made.


In any case, the revealing of The Little Bible, and the astoundingly miraculous ignorance, our universal blindness of its existence up until now, should cause us all to take notice, as this goes a long way to prove we are definitely NOT alone in the universe. And our existence is no accident of chaotic origins, but we were definitely made with full knowledge of the immense suffering to come, and the overwhelming pleasures to follow that would cause the suffering to ultimately be forgotten, left behind, lost somewhere in time.

And so, The Biblical record is BOTH an historical and a prophetic account, AND is NOT primarily about mankind, as our entire recorded history is part of an unfolding fulfillment of the prophesied final outcome. Our entire existence (past, present & future) is placed in the setting of a very ancient ongoing struggle between Good and evil, revealing first the ultimate triumph of Goodness and Light, and then increasingly revealing the details of how the Victory unfolds.

The Eternal Gospel of The Maker, long since buried by the so-called “early church fathers” in their falsely-called “first gospel,” now thunders to Life in The Little Scroll (little Bible-biblaridion), an unmistakable prediction of The Resurrection Life of Jesus Christ on Day 3, and revealed by “rightly dividing” the first 2 chapters of The Bible (biblion-scroll).

Now, and for ALL times, with overwhelming authority:

The mystery of God IS revealed, without “lust” or proud and corrupted desire for power, money, or pleasure, that this world is accustomed to seeing from it’s “televangelists.” This wonderful miracle demonstrates God’s divinity and demolishes ALL confusion and Old arguments supporting any conceivable reason to lean on the Old Ways of thinking, while laying unshakably the Restored Foundation in The Living Word for New Ideas to be established in The New and Living Way.

This Little Bible IS the fruit of study in a life seeking God’s approval alone, without regard for the approval of mere men, whatever titles they hold, or may have held in the past, that would seem important to mere mortals. Such is the rightful preeminence of The Genealogical Record of The First Adam, “Son of God,” made, not born, raised from the dust, to breathe The Breath of Life on The 3rd Day, before the herbs of the field, and Eve drawn from Adam’s side on Day 6, both Male & Female, made separately and individually in the likeness of God & Goddess: “Elohim” (plural). (Genesis 2:4-7 & 1:26-31; Hebrews 6:7)

This IS not now, and no longer can be rendered a meaningless genealogical record (1 Timothy 1:3-17; 2 Timothy 2:15), nor was it ever an Old wife’s tale, as these Scriptures once were portrayed to be by false teachers and blind guides in The Old World, who through a “slight-of-hand parlor trick,” would guide their audiences quickly, continuously, carelessly, and chaotically to bypass the paradox in Genesis 2, passively, yet aggressively, rearranging the order of the despised “Day of Small beginnings,” as if this series of events was just simply to be castrated as “unimportant.”

The student and casual observer alike WERE, since ancient times, ushered past the plain understanding of “what” was happening and “when,” until The Little Scroll was given to mankind again, as the most precious Very Great Reward the overcomer could receive, one who would be crucified with Christ, and nevertheless live, to be led back into The Garden of Eden once again, and get to know Yashuah (Jesus) there!

This really SHOULD come as no surprise, as Jesus promised one who suffered by His side nearly 2,000 years ago: “Today, you will be with me in Paradise:”

King Jesus Verson The Little Scroll

Tragically, there HAD BEEN “no sufficient reason raised” to question the ages-Old tradition of seeing the first prophecy of Jesus Christ in “the first gospel” of Genesis 3:15, that had “officially stood the test of time” since the 2nd century A.D. …as if the corrupt & divisive creeds that followed weren’t enough to explain mankind’s lack of Victory and ongoing suffering, in light of Jesus’ prayer for us to be one. And, somehow, the high price Christ already paid in torment in suffering humiliation, and being beaten, mocked, whipped, rejected and abandoned, in His cause, and cross and crown of thorns, was not enough to cause the seeker to earnestly abandon the desire for self, to fully know this Great Peace Maker who COULD command the wind and waves of doctrines to be still. (Haggai 2:6-7; Revelation 10; James 1:1-12; Ephesians 4:1-16)

There WERE also bloody Crusades, and centuries of endless conflicts, as “The Church” became buried in the shameful guilt of colonialism and slave-trading, and countless holocausts of killing the “Christ-killers,” compromising with money lending, and finally the full harvest of death of the innocents in child-sacrifice, as wholesale disregard for the little ones (fetuses) “cut off” reached Biblical proprtions…


That SHOULD HAVE motivated us to actually want to win The Christian race, and truly know The Victory in fulness for us to overcome in this life for the sake of the poor and the needy and the fatherless, and all others, rather than get to know some increasingly weak and limited imitation of Jesus. (Jeremiah 5:28 + 22:16; Daniel 9:24-27 & Zechariah 13:7-9)…

This paradox of creation accounts BECAME a massive murder mystery left unsolved, with no good reason given for the existence of sin and shame, and suffering, and as a result, the entire world became a place where Truth and Integrity stumbled everywhere both behind closed doors, and out openly into the streets, as The Foundation of The Word, regarding the very Maker and the formation of the world itself seemed unimportant.

Yet, Truth and Integrity ARE of utmost importance in The Cornerstone and Foundation of any building. And that IS in essence The Answer to “why” the foundations are being destroyed “when” The Righteous One is doing so. (Zechariah 4:6-10; Job 38:1-30; Psalm 11, Psalm 127)


This IS The Righteous One Who illuminated everything at once, (Genesis 1:3; 2 Corinthians 4) completely shattering the darkness, shining brighter than ever, making obsolete every Old Way of seeing, from every form of religious faith, beginning with the disintegration of any reason to find reliable any traditional Judaic/Christian thought, proven to be so pitifully BLIND and IGNORANT for over 1800 years regarding the plain meaning of their own Scriptures, regarding their own prophecies regarding their own central figure: Jesus Christ, Yashuah, The Messiah.

Even as this fore-type of The Resurrected Christ FORCES the collapse of the Old Judaic/Christian heirarchy, ALL MUST SEE this same Jesus highly exalted, far above all others once again, now, more than ever, and forever and ever! Who will not fear this innocent man and who can withhold the glory due His Name?

Who WOULD not tremble as The Servant/Lamb roars to life once again as The Lion/King to clear His Temple and His Father’s Great Name of all the other names of worthless leaders who have trampled His courts with their unworthy non-profit organizations? They can now neither speak on His behalf, nor claim any authority, nor silence Him, nor direct angry mobs, nor crucify nor in any way harm Him again.

Their main defense IS to claim blissful ignorance, as the detestable leaders, (worse today than when Jesus Christ was stumbling physically in the streets of Old Jerusalem, Luke 23:26-31), falsely called pastors (shepherds Ezekiel 34), were happily eating the young, the very best of their flock, exposing their own clearly cannibalistic nature and insufferable cruelty and pride content with apathy, always willing to play the fool, as they do NOT guard ALL those entrusted to their care, preferring the innocent pay for their lack of concern. How will they possibly escape judgment? (Luke 23:34-24:8)

This IS where everything that can be shaken IS shaken, and the honest seeker for TRUTH must be awed to reverence, with certain absolute reason to see Jesus Christ as someone far above all other ideas and ideals of any kind: offering Himself as both one of our kind, and a one-of-a-kind, Godly human person.

He IS The Good Shepherd, our “Kinsman,” our “Redeemer,” purchasing us, declaring forgiveness as The Answer, to restore our humanity, by both liberating us and yet challenging all who would directly attack or in deception misrepresent Him or His glorious redemption, or His divine nature, or His work, or His suffering, or His pleasure, or His motivation, or His ability to bring the dead to life, beginning with cleansing the temple, the earth, His footstool, of corrupt and corrosive money lending, beginning with the religion of those called by His Name, so that the meek may inherit the earth.


And He IS doing all this while shining New and meaningful light on “materialistic evolutionary origins” as little more than just another type of quasi-religion that is falsely, or at least impurely called “science,” along with ALL other ideas and ideals from politics to all religions & cultures and entertainment to education, from marriage to money, to bring Life & Liberty into proper alignment to enable us to know the value, meaning and the substance of life itself: TRUE “Faith.”  (Gen 2:4-7, Haggai 2:6-7)

This IS the time of judgment, where the souls of men are tested, and for everyone to look back at our Old Way of life, remembering Lot’s wife, to perhaps become worth our salt again, as we prepare to meet our Maker, and consider The Holy Trinity, yet distinctly male and female, eternally existent, The Living Water, h2o, and The Aged Wine, bursting our Old wine skins, before, or perhaps even causing, the plagues, the hail, the fire and the brimstone to fall. (Deut. 29:22-29).

“This IS the Day the Lord has made, and we WILL rejoice and be glad in it:” The Day we laugh all the way to the bank. Lol:) (Psalm 118:17-25)

This IS the time for ALL to see the ultra-importance of pursuing happiness through knowing God, as we prepare to meet our Maker, with all heart, soul, mind, and strength, following our own energetic zeal, and prorities, each with our own individual conscience, to reach out somehow, wherever our chosen path would lead, with no one else found trust worthy of teaching us. (2 Peter 1:2-10)
Trinitarian Old Earth

This IS The Promised New Covenant of Liberty, putting an end to sin, and sacrifice, that Jesus offered that abolished The Old Covenant, NEVER to rise again.  “I will write My laws on their hearts and minds” and “each will know Me,” and “no one will teach their neighbor saying “‘know the Lord’.” Yet each will be free to say to their neighbor “Come, sit under my vine and fig tree.” (Hebrews 8:8-13; Zechariah 3:9,10)

This IS the New Song of The Redeemed: “Jesus loves the little children, ALL the children of the world, Red, Brown, Yellow, Black & White, Present, Past, & Future bright.  Jesus loves the little children of the world.”


This IS the time for Each and Every one of us to leave behind our meaningless ways, that never counted the very high price of the hidden unseen costs and agree that we are ALL worth at least $1,000,000, and see that we ALL receive equal funding and voting share of our inheritance in The Earth, each to receive $72,000 per year, Free From Taxation, from the Moment of Maternity. (Rev  14:1-8)


This WILL replace Roe v. Wade, and even more firmly establish women’s liberties, through guaranteeing each woman, child and man unshakable rights, with each person having the right to privacy with eminent domain over their own bodies, and over ALL who live in them, while affording dignity and painless death and memorial to all children who, for whatever reason do not survive pregnancy.  (Isaiah 57:1,2; Romans 7 & 8; 12:1-2)

This IS our Sovereign demand: The Right to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. (Gal 5:1)

This IS why and how Jesus taught us, when He taught us to pray,

Our Father in Heaven, glorify Your Name.
Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.
Give us this Day our daily Bread ($200 per day, 360 days per year)
Leading us not into temptation, but delivering us from evil, (no longer overruled by the “sin living in us,” and so help us to grow up strong, and become mature in love, and stand up rightly, in the face of the evil day.)
For Yours is The Kingdom,
The Power, The Glory, Forever and Ever.

“as He has glorified His Name in the past and promised He would again”: (John 12:20-36)


Woe ARE the people among us who would even consider it desirable to prefer in any way the Old Way of thinking and the Old Way of life in the Old World, where the majority of our little ones, and the neediest among us were treated like cattle, like property, “sheep to be slaughtered” without value, even counted as liabilities with negative value! And who would dare prefer that “Old World” of disorder, without any real rights, continually exploiting women and children and those weak & needy among us, in sexual slavery & human sacrifice, from wars, to famine & disease, to the desperation that forces mass immigration, prostitution, and abortion?!  (Zech 3:6-4:10 & 13:7-14:1 &14:2-9)
Surprise!!! It IS the typical, Hell-fearing “pastor/rabbi/priest” of the “Torah/Bible believing” conservative Evangelical or Catholic, Pro-Life, Christian, stuck in their Obsolete/Old way, who is so confused and ignorant and unworthy of opening their own Holy Book and read their own Word, that the prophecies given in the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, in the Bible 1900 years ago said that the biggest problems in Heaven and earth at the end would be because of the mystery of how greatly confused THE “Believers” WOULD BE!!!

And just ask them “What is the most confusing book in The Bible? They will say “Revelation” every time, because they DO NOT know God like they claim, simply because they missed Them in The Beginning, (Genesis. 1:26-28) and so, by now are so far off course, the last thing they want to do is enjoy unashamed nakedness and unrestrained delight with no reason to feel guilty anymore.
They are more “comfortable” being immature, sewing fig leaves, refusing to grow up to enjoy adult behavior, while taking on adult responsibilities, but living in denial, full of unforgiveness, pointing their accusing fingers at others, totally lost, desperately seeking to avoid re-entering the Garden of Eden!!! How utterly foolish! (Revelation 5:1-5; 10; 14:6-8; Hebrews 5:11-14)

The bottom line IS this:

God, our Maker, whether you can believe it or not, actually WANTS us to feel and be free to joyfully explore with a clean conscious unlimited varieties of intimacy in oneness of polyamory including sexual pleasure, with the courage to make mistakes, as we learn in The New and Life Giving Way, through constant intimacy in relationship with our Maker, the difference between right and wrong, without fear or guilt or shame and especially without any need to sacrifice children as a result.
This is the restoration of The Faith of Abraham, who was not too proud to share His wife Sarah, nor too puritanical to receive Hagar, but rightly desired and understood in all these sexual decisions, that unlimited children are a blessing, the gift of God that would never be lost, and they were the ONLY blessing that he desired. “And his faith was credited as righteousness.”

Abraham’s Faith in the heavenly city, The New Jerusalem, the priesthood of Melchizedek (The Fatherless One, “The King of Peace”) stands out historically in stark contrast with both the ancient and modern worlds of Sumerian/Babylonian/Chaldean/Luciferian/Malthusian IDEAS that in hostility defamed and desecrated The Great Name of Yashuah, and The Glorious Wisdom and Honor of our Father in Heaven {“Father/Mother,” or YHWH, or “Enlil”} as a very irritable, impatient being and a poor provider. The false financial, religious, political, social, scientific, and materialistic ideas portraying a world of overpopulation and limited supply, spread through these ideologies, portray an evil creator that hates the very sounds we make, of our sexual yearnings and activity, to the point of demanding child sacrifice as a compromise to maintain our existence, with the creator “really” wanting to annihilate us altogether.

This could not be further from the truth. Rather, God hears and hates the sounds of suffering we refuse to hear, as we in hardness of heart reject being instruments of His grace to reach the lost, and lonely and refuse to suffer with those who suffer simply because we would rather ONLY rejoice with those who rejoice.

Yet, He calls us to both, at the same time: to rejoice WHEN we suffer, along with Him to somehow win the crown of life (James 1:2-12). He hears the groans of every prisoner, and the souls beneath the altar, the silent screams of the unborn children and the whimpering cry in the middle of the night of each little child who has been molested and abused, and so should we, if we are to be The Answer, One in Him.

And so, these corrupt lies about our Maker (in contrast with Their Truly Divine, unselfish, intimate, compassionate, loving trinitarian nature) ARE the works of the enemy that Christ was sent to destroy in the depths of our flesh (“Tartarus” 1 Peter 3:18-4:8; 2 Corinthians 4&5). And through the grace of communion, as we remember the sacrifice of our innocent Savior, and His blood and broken body, in full confession of our deeply selfish, cannibalistic Old nature as we “eat and drink” of Him, the lies about our loving Creator ARE being completely destroyed at the end. God, in Yashuah, (Jesus/Joshua) displays His great love, triumphant mercy, and patiently persistent, grace-filled desire to have and to adopt children, even to the point of rescuing His arch enemy at the amazingly high price of sacrificing His own, The Only Begotten Son of God, at the time when He restores ALL things, and makes His enemies to worship Him, i.e. making them “His footstool.” (1 John 3:8; Hebrews 7; Revelation 5; [Ending Hell, Death and Taxation, ALL Before Breakfast]; Genesis 15:1-6; 22:4-14; Luke 12:22-34; Atrahasis II: http://faculty.gvsu.edu/websterm/Atrahasi.htm; 2 Samuel 14:14; Revelation 2:17,26-29)


Let us receive His Wisdom from above as a generous offering in The New and Living Way of full pardon, forgiveness and funding for ALL to experiment and reach out to discover the pleasure of intimately knowing God and each other, with our own conscience as our guide, as ALL the leaders of nations and institutions, and teachers of ALL the religions are exposed as worthless, or even dangerous to the point where…

It IS quite evident that, at BEST, these OLD “teachers” and OLD WAY “leaders” actually knew NOTHING of Whom they were teaching nor where they were (Gehenna) nor where they were leading us, as their income and delusion of security were based on giving us the best of their understanding that we were willing to pay for.  At worst, they were criminals, who for various treacherous reasons, were in some way guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, intentionally deceiving, enslaving, indebting and suppressing the masses of humanity.  “When the blind lead the blind, they all fall in the pit.” – Jesus 


And so, when we are being invited into Eden again, to become one in expectation of infinite Faith and Pleasure, and fulness of Love, not in bliss filled ignorance, but delighting increasingly in knowing our Maker and freely loving each other, though we may face difficulties in shame and suffering along the way, as we learn anew the difference between Good and evil, Right and wrong, Creator and creature… Why would anyone, ANYONE, prefer the Old World Order of slaving for money, when we simply count the cost and discover we were horribly sacrificing 2 out of 3 of our precious children just to start the day in the last of the Terrible Old DAYs? (Malachi 4)


In all earnestness, I counsel such a person to make insanity your plea… Never having enough faculty to know what you were doing: “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men unable to put Humpty Dumpty together again.”

“Father, forgive them, they did not know what they were doing.” – Jesus Christ, as He was being crucified.


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